We are dedicated to the advancement of professional figure skaters

As advocates and working professionals for our industry, we are actively working to make it better.

ProSkaters is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization

We’re supported by a wide base of volunteer efforts which allows the organization to keep membership dues low

  • We seek to explore competition and performance opportunities for our members.
  • We promote professional skating and skaters as much as possible.
  • We work together to connect skaters with producers.
  • We are working together to find more opportunities for all performing skaters.

Our Board of Directors

Our talented and passionate team is comprised of professional skaters. Each board member brings a unique perspective and keeps the organization running smoothly.

Adam Blake


Richard Swenning

Vice President

Kayla Hunter


Jamie Lynn Santee

Executive Director

Kim Navarro


Frank Sweiding


Judy Thomas


Advisor to the Board of Directors

Craig Heath


Gia Guddat