Jul 29 2023

ProSkaters Performance Seminar

  • Presentations by Professional Ice Show Producers
  • Performance & Expressions Classes
  • Learn tips on how to skate like a Professional Show Skater
  • On Ice performance stations where you learn from the Pros
  • Learn Show Tricks
  • On Ice Choreography session

Tentative Schedule:
1:15 – 1:45pm: Check-In
Off ice: 1:45-3:45pm
1:45-2:15pm: Off Ice: Intro and tips from professional skaters
2:15-2:30pm:  Off-ice: Warm up
2:30-3pm:  Off-ice: Timing/counting/guiding
3-3:30pm: Off ice: Expression
3:30 to 3:45: Off ice: Performance class
On-ice:, 4-5pm:
4-4:15pm:  ON Ice: Edge class
4:15-5pm:   ON Ice: Stations set up on the ice with skaters rotating to different stations
5-5:15 pm:  Break (Bring some food or drinks if you like)
5:15 – 5:45pm: OFF Ice – Professional ice show producer’s point of view, how to
prepare & apply for different types of ice shows
6-7pm:  ON Ice – Choreography, Performance