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Pro Skating Historical Foundation

Pro Skating History
Mission Statement:
The Pro Skating Historical Foundation, Inc. is organized to research and preserve the skating history of professional and theatrical performances, archive historical objects and engage the skating community and its supporters to contribute to that body of knowledge. The Foundation will facilitate networking, discussion groups and the exchange of ideas in furtherance of its educational purposes. The Foundation will make available its findings and knowledge to the general public.

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Pro Skating Historical Foundation
P.O. 893
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(312) 296-7864

For years Inga Creations warm-up suits and skating apparel were the staple of every young female skater. Some coaches dressed their students in the same style and color of “Ingas” to identify their rink and club. In 1970 Inga Schilling, frustrated that her students did not have proper warm-up suits began knitting them. The demand was so great by 1971 she went into full time production. “I started with one industrial sewing machine. It took me forever to thread that thing,” Schilling laughs. “I finally had to hire some one.”

Her determination to succeed started in Germany where her childhood and teenage years were spent in a dance studio training to be a classical ballerina. She was exposed to theatrical skating at age 19 when she followed an aunt who was performing in the Eisballett Baier starring Maxi and Ernst Baier, 1936 Olympic pair champions. Schilling joined the show as a spotlight operator. Her stumbling, yet graceful, attempts to skate were noticed by Willi Schilling, a performer in the show, who became not only her teacher but eventually her skating partner and husband.

Give us your own personal experience while being a part of a professional ice show or memories of those you skated with.
See what skating memorabilia has been donated to the Pro Skating Historical Foundation.
The Pro Skating Historical Foundation continually compiles a chronology of theatrical and professional figure skating.


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