The Professional Figure Skaters Cooperative (PFSC) was founded by show skaters for show skaters. PFSC membership gives a skater access to producers, information on casting calls for shows around the world, and an opportunity to network with other show skaters. Even if you're still competing, you can learn from the Show Pros of PFSC. That's what the skaters shown here did—at the 2007 PFSC Show Skating Seminar in Sun Valley, Idaho.
It's Showtime!
Sylvia explains what to send to a producer.
Lisa Marie with Craig
and skaters
Lisa Marie
A class participant shows off her hydroblading
Craig and a skater have fun skating down the ice.
Jason talks to the class about character roles.
Alison explains how to prepare for a character role.
Anita teaching adagio skills.
Craig and Gia give it a try.
Craig and Beth Anne create a bullfight with a scarf.
Hula Hoops!
A Hula Hoop duet?
Fun with a basketball
Dribbling on ice
The 2007 PFSC Show Skating Seminar