Your audition has been scheduled—are you ready? You may be asked to demonstrate various turns, stops and kicks, or show off your signature skills. If you're auditioning for a featured role, be ready to perform a program you've prepared that shows you at your best and meets the requirements of the role you're trying to get.
The Audition
Skaters take a "show class" to prepare for upcoming auditions.
Audition Checklist
  1. Clothing, hair and makeup
  2. Your resume and head shot
  3. Music
  4. Skates!
Skating Skills
  1. Practice doing turns from all edges, feet and directions
  2. Forward and Backward Crossovers with arm movements
  3. Waltz 3s and Power 3s: Forward and Backward in both directions
  4. Brackets
  5. Back Outside and Inside Loops
  6. Fan Kicks
  7. T Stops and Tango Stops
  8. Quick footwork
  9. Spirals
  10. Twizzles
  11. Standing and Sitting Flex
  12. Split Jump, Split-Falling Leaf
  13. Your best skills - what makes you a standout?
At the PFSC Show Seminar in Sun Valley (Summer '07), skaters learned from the Pros who shared their knowledge of show skating.
Sylvia Froescher talked with skaters to give them an understanding of the producer's expectations and point of view. Beth Anne Duxbury gave her "show class," Antia Hartshorn and Frank Sweiding taught a few adagio basics, and Lisa Marie Allen taught show tricks, including Russian split and double stag jumps. She told the skaters, "Be a inspired from your fellow show skaters."
Jason Graetz talked to skaters about character roles, Craig Heath led skaters through ensemble patterns, and Gia Guddat gave a creativity and musical interpretation class with scarves, pom pons, hula hoops, swords and basketballs!
It helps to know basic theater vocabulary. Know upstage from downstage. Get familiar with dance terms such as plie and ronde de jambe. Be ready to skate to counts.