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What is ProSkaters?

ProSkaters is an organization dedicated to educating professional figure skaters and other interested individuals about current professional figure skating issues.

Within this mandate, we conduct research to assess current professional figure skating concerns; particularly those related to equitable compensation, working conditions, retention of quality professional events, and dissemination of information.

In conjunction with this, we hope to pursue solutions to common problems that may face our performing members while they are actively employed in the world of professional figure skating.

A few more things that ProSkaters does:
  • We seek to explore competition and performance opportunities for our members.
  • We promote professional skating and skaters as much as possible.
  • We work together to connect skaters with producers.
  • We are working together to find more opportunities for all performing skaters.
You will not lose your eligible status if your join ProSkaters. Any Performing skater is welcome to join and is encouraged to do so. Again, ProSkaters membership does NOT affect your amateur eligible status to compete.

ProSkaters is a 501 (c) (6) "not-for-profit" organization. It is supported by a wide base of volunteer efforts which allows the organization to keep membership dues low, and to utilize those dues to finance the goals outlined above.

Read Member Benefits below to find out more about what ProSkaters has to offer.

ProSkaters Member Benefits

What do you get with membership?

You gain access to our ever growing database of shows currently performing around the world. You will also be added to our database of performers that make up ProSkaters (view sample profile). Fans, producers, and other skaters can find out about you through our secure website, which includes a skater search form that allows precise filtering of skater profiles. You are able to input your current resume and show status, as well as photos and video of yourself. Our database is growing rapidly. Many producers are already members and they actively search for skaters for their shows.

Our website has a Show List (view sample list) that the Producer Members update with current casting needs. You are able to search for casting information and shows all over the world, and with a simple click of a button you can email the producer. The producer can then refer to your photo, video, and resume on the ProSkaters' site for additional information.

An extensive Producer List on our website is always updated for your convenience. This information is vital for finding jobs in the Professional skating industry.

Also on the website are past Newsletters, the Members Handbook and Links to other Websites of interest.

You will also be added to our newsletter mailing list. Our newsletter contains stories of interest and information. Read up on what's going on in shows around the world, ways to make yourself more marketable to producers, even recipes that can be prepared in a simple hotpot while you're away from home in a hotel room!

Other Newsletter topics are:

  • Presidents Letter that fills you in on what is going on with ProSkaters
  • Ads that are free for members. If you are looking for a partner or have an item for sale, feel free to put an Ad!
  • Member profiles. We want to promote our members!
  • News and information about upcoming events and shows.

ProSkaters sanctions the Virtual Skate Off and has sanctioned the American Open Professional Championships. We work to hire the judges and to create the rules that will govern the event and benefit the skaters. Every member is eligible to compete. For more information on the Virtual Skate Off go to www.virtualskateoff.com.

Special Discounts:

Agreements between ProSkaters and several industry corporations have resulted in some very advantageous discounts for ProSkaters members.

  • 30% discount on boots and blades and skating accessories. Our supplier ships anywhere in the world.
  • Qualified Health presents an affordable health saving plan at just $75 per month for an individual. Family plans are available. Available through the Ice Skating Institute www.ctbenefits.com/ISIEnrollmentHome.html

Become a ProSkaters Member:

Join now and help to support Professional/ Performing skating. The more we work together, the bigger voice we have to create a positive and supportive industry.

So join our community today and enjoy the benefits of membership. Click here to join online.

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